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I'm German, K-Pop addicted and love to read and write. Right now I'm in college, studying assistant for commerce, business administration and languages.

My favorite is K.Will. However, you will mainly find fanfiction here as well as, if I list you as friend, rants about my personal life and interests I have.

Actually I came along from manga, Hongkong movies and being a fan of Nic Tse and Fan Bing Bing, but well...SJ Siwon was found in a movie with her and here we go. I still wish I had more time to dive into Chinese music and acting.

I hate bullying and people with prejudices towards everything.I really love different cultures and if you want to spread your opinion about how you hate a certain ethical group like homosexual or handicapped you're wrong here.
My tongue might be sharp sometimes and I like to be sarcastic, but always feel free to comment on things, ask questions, whatever you have in mind.I'll try my best to deal with critic and I'm open to your suggestions ;)

Other interests: Korean and Japanese drama, Jane Austen, Harry Potter, Glee, casting shows, history novels, singing, dancing.

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