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Dear Yunmi - Epilogue
Title: Dear Yunmi
Author: xkeirafanx
Pairing: main!Minho/Jonghyun; side!Onew/Key
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, High School AU
Disclaimer: Fantasy is: I own them. Reality is: SM does.
Warnings: issues of homophobia
Summary: Choi Minho is Park High's soccer star, the girls' crush and the boys hate object. But at the same time, Choi Minho is also "Yunmi", part of the high school students' organized and administrated suggestion box service "Chocolate Worries" where only the workers themselves know who is part of the staff.
What will happen when an unexpected love confession from an unexpected source ends up in Yunmi's letter box?
A/N: Unbeta-ed.

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Alternative Ending | Epilogue

“Aren't you gonna miss Yunmi?” Jinki asked Minho as they sat in their favorite Starbucks, graduation slowly approaching. They had met up to go over a few photos for the soccer club section in the yearbook and decide on a topic to write about.

“Of course I will. She's been a part of my high school experience. I owe her.”

“Indeed.” Jinki grinned and moved his head into the general direction of Kibum and Jonghyun who were ordering for all four. Minho grinned back and smiled at his widely gesticulating boyfriend.

“Will you ever tell him, you know, that you're Yunmi?”

“Are you crazy?”

“Well, I told Kibum.”

Minho shook his head.

“Correction, I made you tell him.”

“I'm still not forgiving you for introducing him to Chocolate Worries as member without telling me.”

“I neither told him that you're Onew nor did I tell you that he'd join as Key. Your relationship, your secrets, your decision when to reveal it.”

“Stop acting like you didn't meddle.”

“I only recommended Kibum to tell you that he'll join. It's not my fault that he came to the obvious conclusion you're part of the team.”

“You've became a snarky ass, Minho.”

“All Jonghyun's fault.”

“Still putting blame on your boyfriend for everything?”

“Still teasing me about everything?”

They kept bickering until Minho spotted someone coming through the store's entry.

“Taemin, over here!”

Breathless the youngest fell into the chair between Jinki and Minho, chest heaving up and down, but eyes sparkling.

“Friday....I have a date on Friday, guys.”

Minho and Jinki turned their heads to him right away.

“Who?” Jinki asked firmly, almost protective.

“That junior who is in your dance club, Jongin?”

Taemin nodded excitedly at Minho and smiled widely.

“You knew?”

“You're looking at him with the same look in your eyes that you used to look at Jonghyun with. Figures, you have a thing for Jong's.”

“You mean I look at him the way you looked at Jonghyun.”


“Wait, how did Minho know about him and I didn't!” exclaimed Jinki.

“Minho knew about who?” Kibum now asked and put down the drinks. Jonghyun shushed Taemin out of the seat next to Minho and dropped down into it.

“Taemin's got the hots for his junior.”

“Which junior?”

“Kim Jongin. You know, Taemin's height, big lips, sultry looking eyes, sparkles aegyo when he doesn't even know. Have you never seen how Taemin is all over him in the breaks?”

Minho rolled his eyes and took a sip from his coffee. Taemin kicked him under the table.

“Funny hyung. It took me a month to approach him.”

“If you had dropped the word earlier I could have introduced you to him. My parents are friends with his family.”

Taemin growled at Minho.

“Too late, I did it all myself now. But thanks for your help. Maybe you have an advice how to get the date going well. Since, you know, you're so good at giving advices...”

Minho glared back at the younger for dropping hints about Yunmi.

“Sure, my letter box is always open for you.”

Kibum snorted into his Frappuccino and Jinki smiled into his coffee. Only Jonghyun laughed, completely oblivious to the situation.

“Alright, enough of the fun. Let's get to work for the yearbook page. I suggest we take pics from the School Soccer Championship win and the Charity Game, write a text about the awesome addition that was Kibum, thank the ancient team and say how grateful we are for all donations.”

“Yes Sir, I mean Captain, I mean Sir.” answered Kibum in place of everyone and received a playful smack from his best friend.

Minho and Jonghyun had a parents-free weekend at Minho's house. They had told Jonghyun's parents about them eventually, but Minho had made the decision to keep everything from his parents until he was able to move out and earned his own income. He knew how his parents thought, he knew that they'd feel shame about his sexual orientation and put blame onto themselves. He wanted to protect his parents until the point he was able to be responsible for himself without them and Jonghyun respected that, much to his luck. For those reasons they enjoyed the rare weekends when Minho's parents were gone and stayed in his house. His older brother had moved out quite a whole ago, they had the whole space for themselves.

Sunday morning Minho stepped out of the shower, put on a pair of boxers and entered his room, facing a angry looking Jonghyun. He didn't get the chance to ask what was going on, Jonghyun simply pointed to his computer and asked.

“What is that.”

Minho took a step closer and gulped as he realized what Jonghyun had been looking at. Yunmi's letter box.

“That.... that is Yunmi's letter box.”

Jonghyun rolled his eyes.

“Not the answer I was hoping to get. Let me rephrase this. Why is Yunmi's letter box on your computer!”

Minho scratched the back of his head.

“Obviously because... I am... Yunmi.”

Jonghyun scoffed, stood up and hit Minho's stomach, lightly but still powerful enough to make Minho feel how upset he was.

“ You knew I liked you! You knew it and you played me! Do you...have any idea how much of a torture you've put me through? How could you have been so selfish!”

Jonghyun simply yelled at him and Minho bit down on his lip. He knew he deserved it. He deserved everything that Jonghyun threw into his face.

“I'm sorry.” he brought out and looked Jonghyun straight into the eyes.

“I'm sorry, I've been selfish and I've been stupid. It's why Jinki was mad at me back then. It's why I kept getting closer to you. It's why I became jealous. It is why I kept trying to understand what I feel for you. I hurt you a lot, I know. I wanted to give you a sign when I realized, I wanted to make you understand that it was time to stop hoping for me, but... my feelings for you didn't give me a chance. They didn't allow me.”

“Did you ever plan to tell me?”

Minho hesitated.

“Oh, it makes so much sense now, what Taemin said. Everyone knew, right?”

“Jinki and Kibum work for Chocolate Worries. I introduced Kibum there.”

“Great. Just great.”

Pissed off Jonghyun dropped onto the bed and stared into any direction but Minho's. With a sigh he approached the bed and sat down cross-legged next to his boyfriend.

“Jonghyun? Jonghyun? Jonghyun?”


“Thank you.”

Jonghyun turned his head to Minho.

“For what?” he bit back.

“For writing to Yunmi.”

“And why is that?”

“Because if not for her, I wouldn't be yours.”

Jonghyun growled a second, but then he smiled as Minho pressed a kiss to his shoulder.

Both knew that Minho was right.

Dear Yunmi,

He is mine.

Thank you.


Dear BBJ,

Be happy.

Sincerely, Yunmi.

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OMG, this is the cutest ending /ever/!!!!!!
I love the ending. I love JongHo. I love this whole story! And I know I'll miss it, although I only found it a few days ago.

I was really curious if and how Jonghyun would find out about Yunmi. This whole thing is so cute, I'm squealing here in front of my computer and am waking up everyone in town.

Good job!!!!!!

I missed this story too, I felt sad when I finished it. I somehow didn't want to part with the characters.

Jonghyun wouldn't be mad for too long, he doesn't strike me a stubborn person like that.

Thank you for liking the story so much.

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