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Dear Yunmi (4/6)
Title: Dear Yunmi
Author: xkeirafanx
Pairing: main!Minho/Jonghyun; side!Onew/Key
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, High School AU
Disclaimer: Fantasy is: I own them. Reality is: SM does.
Warnings: issues of homophobia
Summary: Choi Minho is Park High's soccer star, the girls' crush and the boys hate object. But at the same time, Choi Minho is also "Yunmi", part of the high school students' organized and administrated suggestion box service "Chocolate Worries" where only the workers themselves know who is part of the staff.
What will happen when an unexpected love confession from an unexpected source ends up in Yunmi's letter box?
A/N: Unbeta-ed.

I extended this to one chapter more and there is a alternative ending version that will be posted once this is fully out.

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Alternative Ending | Epilogue

“I know that Key agreed into the whole business, but I'm more and more against it Minho.”
“What do you mean Jinki?”

“Jonghyun. Do you think I'll just watch you and let you be? For God's sake Minho, if this keeps going you'll only end up hurting people. Do you even know what you're feeling? Do you have any clue about how it really is to be in a relationship with someone of your own gender? Jonghyun is not the right person for you to play around in order to realize your orientation.”
“And what exactly makes you think I'm playing around with Jonghyun? I really don't have to be sorry nor do I owe you a clear answer how my feelings for Jonghyun are. Who are you to tell me how I should act in this case?”
“If I recall right you originally asked me how you should act.”
“Right and you outright told me to leave it be and clearly show I am not interested.”
“It was and is the only right thing to do Minho! What you are doing now is awakening hopes that are most likely ending in disappointment!”
“What if I find out that I do have feelings for him? Then I rejected him in first place and my chances are basically zero. Jonghyun is the type to give up when he knows there's absolutely no chance.”
“Yes, but he is also the type to has hopes from the smallest signs! You're so selfish Minho, do you even see that? In order to possibly not get rejected in the future you rather risk hurting Jonghyun who at least knows what he is feeling!”
“You're one to judge me, how about Kibum and you? Did you know your feelings for him immediately? Didn't you too use Kibum's desire of revenge to get to know him? What if you hadn't fallen for him, wouldn't you have hurt him too? So stop preaching me rules you surely didn't follow yourself!”

Needless to say that for the following days the atmosphere between the two friends was very cold and unwelcoming. Kibum commented that they were stubborn idiots and as if the situation wasn't tense enough already Jonghyun right out snapped at Minho too when he was refused to know the reason of the fight. To ease the tension a bit Kibum decided that a weekend at a campsite would be just fine to get some fresh air and new thoughts into their heads. Minho outright refused to go anywhere with Jinki, but Kibum didn't take no for an answer and used Jonghyun as weapon against Minho's stubbornness. Naturally Minho gave in and briefly wondered if getting manipulated so easily by Jonghyun was his new hobby, because he clearly couldn't say no to the older.
The campsite was nice and so were their caravan.

“Couple divided” as Kibum said with an amused smirk at Jonghyun and Minho, receiving three unamused looks. Jonghyun just fell down on his bed and stared at the ceiling while Minho unpacked his bag and vanished into the mini-bathroom for some time. When he came out again Jonghyun hadn't moved a single inch, still staring at the ceiling.
“Why won't you tell me why Jinki and you fought?” he suddenly asked.
“It's a thing between him and me.”
Jonghyun sat up straight on his bed and glared at Minho.
“Oh really? I wonder why Key seems to know just fine what the reason is.”
“Because Jinki can't keep anything to himself without having Kibum knowing it.”
“So you say because they're in a relationship Key may know everything that's going on, but I may not?”
“That's not it, Jonghyun.”
“If I was your boyfriend, then I would know about it, right?” Jonghyun asked and Minho heard the hope lingering in that statement. How to answer that? If Jonghyun was Minho's boyfriend there wouldn't be any fight with Jinki to begin with, but Minho couldn't tell Jonghyun that.
“I take your silence for a no.”
Minho sighed in despair.
“Can't you just let it go this time Jonghyun? It's just this one thing I can't tell you. Just this one. I don't hide this from you with any bad intentions so please drop the subject and trust me. Jinki and I will make up again, it's not that big of an issue.”
“It seems like a big issue to me.”
They exchanged a glance and Minho realized that Jonghyun would stay stubborn about this until he knew the truth.

Saturday noon they slowly crawled out of the caravan only to realize Kibum had dragged Jinki out of bed in the wee hours of the morning. Jonghyun spend a good 5 minutes to amuse himself over Jinki's willingness to follow Kibum everywhere until Jinki hissed at Minho that he should get some control over his boyfriend. It hit right below the belt and Minho angrily grabbed him.
“We'll go getting some fries for the four of us, expect us back in half an hour.”
With that he pulled Jinki along and it wasn't until they were out of sight and hearing that he turned around and yelled at Jinki.

“That you're mad at me I get, but for someone who is mad at me for hurting Jonghyun you're doing that fabulously well yourself. Leave him alone, this is an issue between you and me.”
“Too bad that you seem more affected by it than Jonghyun himself.”
“That's what you think, but did you see the look in his eyes? You shouldn't have said that. Sure, he was making fun of you but couldn't you find another way to shut him? That comment was really low.”
“As low as it might have been, would he look hurt if you hadn't create this problem to begin with? I told you you should have refused him from the start.”
Minho sighed.
“Yeah, I acknowledge that. I acknowledge that he would not hope anymore at this point if I had acted like you recommended.”
Jinki rose an eyebrow at these words.
“But he wouldn't be less hurt. The way I got to know him over the weeks he would look at me with an expression even more longing and hurt, because he'd know his chances are below zero. I came to realize that no matter how I had acted he'd be hurt.”
They stared at each other for a while until Jinki calmly nodded.
“I understand what you mean.”
“Thank you. Please, give me a chance to handle this within the next two weeks. I set myself this deadline, if I still don't know what to feel towards him, then I'll make sure to drop a more than clear hint I don't feel interested in him like he wishes me too.”
“Alright, that sound more like the reasonable you that I know.”
“Will you and Kibum be there for him when it comes to that point?”
“We will. Don't worry, he'll get over it and when he has come to terms with your rejection he'll start being near by again and you can rebuild your friendship.”
“Thanks a lot, man.”
“No problem. Friends again?”
“Friends again.”
They exchange a grin and Minho felt peace settling itself upon them.
“Now what was that about fries?”

“You made up?”
“We made up.”

“He'll tell you later.”
Kibum pouted, earning him a laugh from Jonghyun.
“Be glad you get the details, I didn't even get to hear the reason.”
“Cause you are the reason” Key mumbled.
“Nothing Raptor, nothing.”

Silence had settled upon them while Minho and Jonghyun listened to the noises of the sea. They said on a blanket in the sand each with a beer, Minho propped up on his arms and Jonghyun sitting cross-legged. When it turned dark outside Jinki and Kibum had withdrawn into their van leaving Jonghyun and Minho in the knowledge that they rather stayed out for a while longer.

“They are so happy, they can't keep their hands off of each other for long.” commented Jonghyun amused about the Jinki-Kibum couple.
“True true. They make me feel lonely at times.”
“What, the great Choi Minho knows the feeling of loneliness?”
“Funny Jonghyun, very funny.”
“You know what I keep wondering, honestly wondering?” said Jonghyun and took a sip from his bottle “isn't there any girl you like or go out with? Really none?”
“That topic again?”
“I'm just curious and you know that it's true, you could have a girlfriend without trying.”
Minho cleared his throat, he felt awkward.
“Where's the sense in going out with a girl that I don't even have feelings for? I had a girlfriend, okay. But it wasn't the real deal, it didn't feel right. People always keep saying “it's love, I know she's the right one for me”, but I never felt that she was significant enough to me. I broke up with her because I realized I would only hurt her in the end, because I didn't like her as much as I should have. That's why I don't have a girlfriend.”
Jonghyun was silent, really silent. Maybe it had been too much. Maybe Minho shouldn't have said a word.
“I see. Is there any girl you think you could have feelings for that go deep enough for a sincere relationship?”
“No, there is no girl like that.”
“Sorry man. But look at it this way, you still got me. I'm your friend.”
Minho locked eyes with Jonghyun. He could read behind those words that Jonghyun had accepted that he was just a friend to Minho. Just a friend. Something bitter ran down Minho's throat. This wasn't supposed to be happening. He didn't want Jonghyun to give up on him. Just a little more time, just two more weeks, he had to keep waiting, Minho wasn't ready for this rejection yet. He had to do something, this needed to -
“But maybe there is someone. Not a girl. A guy.”
Jonghyun's pupils widened at Minho's words. Quickly he looked away. Minho's heart filled with joy, maybe he hadn't lost him yet. There was still a chance to keep this going.
“And what kind of guy is he?” Jonghyun asked hoarsely, voice clearly shaking as if he wasn't sure whether he was ready for the answer to Minho's words. Minho didn't managed to get out an answer. He didn't know what to say. The tension became more and more unbearable until -
“Ah whatever, I'm getting tired. Screw Key and Jinki, I'm going to bed. You can stay out for a little longer if you like to. Good night Minho.”
Jonghyun stood up without any further word from Minho, he didn't even wait for a good night and left with his bottle of beer. Minho watched paralyzed how he vanished in the distance, shoulders hanging and his ears could have been wrong, but he swore he heard Jonghyun sobbing. Something clutched coldly around his heart as realization hit him hard and square into the face. He hadn't pulled Jonghyun closer with his words, he had pushed him farther away.

Last time I promised spots and 19izzati was the very first to guess it right!
Also I am giving kuroianemone a spot for specifically pointing out that I gave it away in the story. It shows someone was paying attention xD

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Oh my balls!!!! I am so sorry it took me so long to see this!!! I don't even know what the hell I was doing!!!

Oh, well probably focusing on school. But that's not important now!!!!

I'm going to read this all from chapter one and get back to you, kay?

I'm so sorry!!!

Ah! I'm totally dying right now!!

First of all, I remembered to track you so I'll get an update the next time you post.

Second, why haven't you finished this? It's been so long! Are you too busy? Or blocked? Or both?

I just want to hold Jonghyun right now tbh. But that's nothing new. I understand how Minho's feeling but it would be nice if he could realize that the feeling in his throat means that he does like Jonghyun.

Alternate endings are cool. I look forward to an update.


Omo! I forgot to update here. College <.<

It's finished, I just haven't posted the next chapters here. I'll update asap.

Updated with new chapter.

Edited at 2012-06-17 02:21 pm (UTC)

Lol, it's a good thing I commented XD

Is college going well?

It is. First year is over in about a month. Finally.

Ah, so you're the same year as me. ^^ Fighting!

It's a college for apprenticeships. Germany doesn't really have college, but it's similar so to say. I'll be done next summer, then I'll add another half year for foreign language correspondence clerk and start finding a job/working early 2014. The city is pretty big and has a lot trade, I'm sure I'll find a job here.

How much longer is it for you?

3 more years ^^;; I want to be a writer, that's all I have planned so far.

You sound like you pretty much know what you're going to be doing.

I'll pray for you that things work out the way you hope them to.

I can do a lot things when I'm done, work as secretary, work in trade companies, work in multilingual offices or administrations, ... I can find a job. I have my plans set roughly, which is a very calming thought when I think back how afraid and scared and perspective-less I felt last year.

It's good that you're feeling better about things now ^^ I wish you the best.

poor Jonghyun ;(
i missed you hun :l

(Deleted comment)
I like your icon xD
Ah, it's nice to hear you're a "virgin" reader to JongHo, I hope you'll enjoy it.

Aaaahh haven't jongho in awhile.....poor jjong I know how he feels :'(...aaaww onkey :)

I haven't written JongHo in a while, so this is me trying to get back in xD
OnKey are the cutest.

I really enjoy this concept! Please update soon =D

Glad you enjoy it ^^
Update will be sometime this week or next week ^^

Omg the ending ;_____;
jonghyun is being hurt way too much :(
But i suppose this will end happily for him <3
i hope you'll show us just how happy he becomes later on!

*yells at Minho* YA! Stop hurting Jong!puppy
Don't worry~

gahh how could you just end as that DD:
nooo jonghyun!! i dont know exactly what happened tho, did jonghyun figure out that minho wanted to lead him on for longer?? or did he think minho meant some other dude adskjkl; i want to know so bad.

urgh and minho, its obvious you feel something towards him otherwise you wouldn't have tried so hard to keep him on the hook.

i mean personally from experience, when i know that someone i only see as a friend likes me, i do everything i can to hint that im not interested :/ so either minho is really dense/havent thought about it much orrr just selfish.

omggg i want you update soon!! >.<; i just haven't had my daily fix of this couple anymore T^T

Because I could xD
You'll see~ soon~

Minho is being stupid. He just doesn't realize what he's doing.

And yeah, exactly. I have that experience too. Minho is being dense and selfish at the same time, I'm not even go to deny that I wrote him like that. Everyone has to have flaws. Minho's flaw clearly is posessiveness you can interpret as selfishness.

To have a daily fix of this couple is a luxory we didn't have when this OTP was rather underrated ^^ I remember the times when we JongHo writers knew each other all by name and style and had weekly floods on shinee_replay with our stories. JongKey writers hated us, good lord. Today the pairing has so many writers I don't know most of them and there are many stories. I think it's great to get a JongHo fic daily almost. Gosh, hear my sounding like a granny missing the old times.

OMG D: Poor Jonghyun :C and Minho please! you don't know what you feels? come on guy you love him believe me!

thanks I had been waiting for thisC:

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