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Dear Yunmi (2/5)
Title: Dear Yunmi
Author: [info]xkeirafanx
Pairing: main!Minho/Jonghyun; side!Onew/Key
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, High School AU
Disclaimer: Fantasy is: I own them. Reality is: SM does.
Warnings: issues of homophobia
Choi Minho is Park High's soccer star, the girls' crush and the boys
hate object. But at the same time, Choi Minho is also "Yunmi", part of
the high school students' organized and administrated suggestion box
service "Chocolate Worries" where only the workers themselves know who
is part of the staff.
What will happen when an unexpected love confession from an unexpected source ends up in Yunmi's letter box?
A/N: Unbeta-ed.

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Alternative Ending | Epilogue

Yunmi's opinion corner – Homosexuality
It's been a while I wrote in my opinion corner and after an incident that occurred in my life shortly ago, I feel the need to express my thoughts about one important topic of growing as well as grown people. Today's opinion corner is about the touchy subject of homosexuality. Beforehand I want to assure that no other Chocolate Worries member but me is to be taken responsible for this little article. I publish this on my account and wish the other members not to be harmed for my words.

Homosexuality – what is that exactly? By definition homosexuality is the sexual attraction to people of your own gender. Do you ask people on the streets of any village, town and even city you will hear such things as that homosexuality is disgusting, despicable, unnatural, not normal, corrupting, nonreligious and so on. Many people take the view that homosexuality spreads Aids, that gay people are contagious and sheer contact with them makes you HIV-positive. Gay marriage is not allowed in the majority of countries on this planet. In most countries homosexuals suffer from discrimination and persecution, they are sent to brainwashing camps, get imprisoned only to end sexually abused by other prisoners (that goes for both females and males) and our Korean society is clearly not one of the homosexuality friendly countries as sad as it makes me to say that. If it is discovered that someone is gay, he or she suffers from discrimination on several places. Young people are expelled from school, treated like dirt by their ashamed parents. Workers loose their job, are forced to quit or get bullied until they cannot take it anymore and leave on their own accord. Politicians don't do much for those people. Korea is a conservative country.
Then there are other people who tell you that heterosexuality is only widely spread, but that doesn't make it “normal” and homosexuality “not normal”. I am one of those people. I could walk the religious path now, citing bible verses from the New Testament, the more relevant book of Christianity, which prove that Jesus never said anything particular against homosexuality. I could get out my history book of European history and tell you to pay attention to old Greece where homosexuality was taken as a normal thing for a long time, men had lovers next to their wives. I could go into a private university and search out artist work of ancient Japanese times which show compromising drawings of sexual intercourse between men.

How does it come that our civilization that we proudly call advanced has completely developed backwards compared to the ancient, less advanced times?

Wherever I go, I meet young people blabbering all those prejudices over homosexuality that their parents told them, themselves raised with those prejudices, passing them down to every new generation of the family. Sometimes it makes me wonder if young people really think over the knowledge their parents give them on their way to adolescence. The maturing process also demands to make yourself your own picture of the world. Moral values have to be questioned in order to became a autonomous adult. One of these moral values to be questioned is homosexuality. I am still a student and my parents rather me to stay away from homosexuals. They aren't particularly fighting against them, but they aren't quite friendly towards them either. Raised with those values I should have turned out like most people of my age, but it happened I didn't. Because I questioned and looked beyond my own nose. I've always been a curious and open-minded person, that's simply my character and I am thankful for those genes, because I didn't close myself in front of many issues and dared to create my own opinion about it.
There is this couple I'm great friends with. They happen to be homosexual. One of them used to be a close friend before and they revealed their relationship to me only when they got to know of my tolerant view towards homosexuality. Homosexual couples have to be very careful to whom they disclose their relationship. In 9 out of 10 cases they get outed to everyone after that, if they haven't outed themselves yet. You know the consequences. Open ears can only be expected in the LGBT community. Those people have knit a tight knot, standing by each other and having open arms for everyone that needs a listener, a friend, an experienced person, help. Even before I knew about those two friends, I had an open mind, despite not being part of the community. In the bigger cities there actually is a possibility to find heterosexuals with tolerance and the will to help.
What I want to say is, if you are homosexual or have tendencies to homosexuality, don't be ashamed or repress it. Despite the dangers and discrimination that awaits many you should never let people tell you whom to love and whom not to love.

Love is never a choice.
That applies for every sexual orientation there is.

I know I'm in an easy position to say this, I am a anonymous worker. But I have seen the trust, the love, the courage of my homosexual friends and I admire them. So if you think that you are falling for or feel attracted to someone of your own gender, don't be afraid. Send me a message, my heart is always open for support and I can give you contact places, addresses and numbers. Don't be shy, trust me.
Sincerely, your Yunmi.

President Dana looked up from the Memo and gave him stern look.
“Minho, are you sure you want to publish this?”
The other members finished reading Minho's article, Jinki smiling at him warmly.
“Yes, I am sure. First of all I want to help people, because not many dare to seek help when they see how they are treated in this society if they out themselves.”
“Your heart is sometimes bigger than your head Minho, please reconsider it.”
Minho shook his head, he was stubborn about this.
“There is nothing to rethink.”
“Why don't you just let him publish it?” asked Sooyoung and shrugged when Dana glared at her, “I know you worry about the consequences only Dana, but you should know Minho.”
“Exactly, he will take responsibility for this article if too many adults protest against it.” Jinki calmly added. Minho admired how he could always stay so cool.
“That's true Dana. I promise you to leave Chocolate Worries if we get protest petitions and similar from any adults. Don't think I don't know that people could make a fuss about the article. I thought about this long enough and there will be links, information and sources added before I publish it. I just wanted to ask for permission, because I know it's a touchy subject.”
Everyone nodded understandingly and Dana sighed.
“I just doubt this will be out for long without protests.”
“You heard him Dana, he'll take responsibility, now allow him to publish it for God's sake.” Bekah said and Eunjung and Fei nodded approvingly. Everyone looked at Dana expectantly until she gave up.
“Alright alright. Publish that damn thing, but act according to your words and take responsibility for your actions. I am by no means anti homosexual, I just don't want this to bring any damage. Neither on Chocolate Worries nor on the LQBT community.”
“Thank you Dana” Minho said and went over to give her a thankful hug. She returned it with a smile.
“I must say I really like the way you wrote the article, Minho.”

Minho's respect for Jinki rose steadily with each soccer practice. The two offense players didn't feel the need to let the situation calm down and continued dropping all sorts of homophobic comments. It made his blood boil and fueled his ambition, Jinki on the contrary stayed as cool and relaxed as usual. His displeasure only showed in a few very bad passes to the two, aside from that he carried on as if nothing had happened. Minho figured that Jinki had lived through worse than that and it made him wonder how Jinki had dealt with it when he had recognized he preferred his own gender.
“I've always been wondering, why do you know soccer so well Kibum?” Minho curiously asked a few weeks later when Jinki and he joined him in the nearest Starbucks after training. The couple exchanged a unreadable look.
“That's a long and bitter story.”
“I want to hear it.”
“I used to be captain in my school's soccer team, but they kicked me out when my sexual orientation was revealed.”
“Don't look so shocked. People just don't deal with that issue well, so “removing the ill” is the best solution they know.”
“But they kicked their captain, how can they?”
Kibum chuckled and sipped from his coffee.
“You're cute Minho, Jonghyun can consider himself luck to have such a loyal team mate.”
“Jonghyun and his I-won't-take-sides-because-I'm-a-homophobic-coward attitude can get lost.” Minho proclaimed full hearty, he still couldn't forgive Jonghyun for caring only about the team atmosphere. Jinki rose an eyebrow.
“You shouldn't scream that around this loud, said person is sitting a few desks a far.”
“As if I care.” Minho shrugged and scoped some whipped cream from his Frappuccino into his mouth.
“Back to the topic, your team kicked their brilliant analyzer captain out because of sexual orientation issues. What a great level of maturity.”
“Oh, I'm sure some of them regret it at least once. Since I'm gone they didn't win much and they play worse than before, because I'm not there anymore to point the flaws out. Instead I went to see your practice, because you used to be the greatest enemy on their way to School Soccer Championship.”
“Soccer Championship? Our greatest possible enemy is Seo Jin Heok High team, right? Hold up! You used to be that ace from Seo Jin Heok High?”
Calmly Kibum nodded.
“ Unbelievable! I always wanted to play against you.”
“God, why are you so ambitious Minho? Let me continue my story, okay?”
“Yeah yeah. Continue.”
“As I said, I went to your practice to check out your team. Originally I planed to help you so that you can kick my ancient team's ass when they have to play against you.”
“I can't wait for it.” mumbled Jinki.
“And then I saw this fine exemplar of man right next to me and everything became irrelevant.”
Jinki laughed and hid the upcoming blush in his face.
“I simply love the way he plays soccer, it's so...enduring. He saw me watching and when training was over he went to have a chat with me. Just like that. He was really cool.”
“How did you start dating then?”
“Oh, we met up and I confessed my story to him. I had the hunch he was reliable and tolerant. Eventually we started to hang out, go out together and have those fantastic talks and everything felt surreal right.”
“To make it short we got to know each other and I took the courage one day to ask him out. He said yes, we started dating. His parents are pretty cool about it, they seem to like me and accept Kibum the way he is.” Jinki threw in and judging by the loving look Kibum sent him, Minho bet they were just playing around with each others fingers under the table. Typical couple stuff. He'd be happy to have a partner too, but that person to start a relationship had yet to come. Sure, he had had two girlfriends before and he didn't foreclose a relationship with the same sex, but he was completely inexperienced so to say.
“Two cents for your thoughts, Choi Minho.” Kibum laughed and Minho turned back to reality.
“I was just hoping to find a love soon too. You make me so envious, you have no idea.” he laughed and received two happy smiles that matched each other well.

“Hey captain!”
Jonghyun whirled around and hid his cell phone in his palms, making a face like someone caught in the act. Minho could barely refrain from raising an eyebrow.
“Hey Minho, rough training today, neh?”
“It was, it was. But we have to bear with it or we won't get any far in the championship this year.”
“That's true.”
Jonghyun stood there looking at Minho, yet not looking, avoiding eye contact while staring at an area somewhere around Minho's chest.
“Do I have something on my jacket or...?” Minho wondered only to have Jonghyun shaking his head.
“No, nothing. I'm....sorry, I'm not really concentrated today, spacing out occasionally. Sorry.”
“No need to apologize, Raptors have their bad days too, huh?”
Jonghyun looked up into Minho's eyes and held their gaze for a few seconds before he broke into a dazzling bright smile.
“Yeah, they have those. I mean, don't we all have?”
“We do.”
Both stood there in silence as the sounds of the night began to spread. Minho knew that Jonghyun looked, no, stared at him again and on his part he gazed into the darkening sky. If there was one thing about Jonghyun that he knew, that his intuition told him, it was that Jonghyun actually wanted to talk to him. That's why he stood there, bearing the awkward tension and waiting for Jonghyun to speak his mind.
“Say, Minho, do you ever pass by that site, you know, that suggestion box of all schools”
“Chocolate Worries? Yeah, once a while I check it out, I think it's a cool thing. Why?”
“Well, one of the writers, Yunmi, she wrote something about homosexuality in her opinion corner. I thought you might like to read it, she sounds like your comrade.”
Jonghyun read Chocolate Worries, what a surprise!
“Why are you telling me this? So far I took you for one of the kids who like to support homophobic views.”
Jonghyun turned to Minho, anger shown in his face.
“I never said anything like that. You look down on me because I value the team matters more, okay, that is your problem. But I never ever said I am a homophob. Not everyone is brave enough to say their opinion in that subject as openly as Jinki and you. If you weren't so damn stubborn it also might have occurred to you that I just wanted to protect you guys. It's not going to help Jinki at all when you fight with the others, I don't want him thrown out of our team like they did with Key.”
“Yeah, Key. You know who I mean, Kim Kibum.”
“You know Kibum?”
“If you mean that we started playing soccer together, lived in the same neighborhood for a few years, that I'm like another son to his parents and that we did all this boys stuff boys do together, including something like....first kiss, if you mean the Kim Kibum who is Jinki's boyfriend, then yeah, then I know Kibum.”
“Are you fucking kidding me?” Minho was shocked.
“Totally. Ask Kibum if you can't believe me.”
If Jinki and Kibum's relationship had been somewhat of a big surprise, this was a whole mountain of surprises. Minho would have never thought that Jonghyun and Kibum knew each other and he had to confess that it also hadn't occurred to him that Jonghyun had subliminal motives when he broke their fight apart.
“I'm sorry, but that just comes very surprising. Also, sorry for misunderstanding you.”
“You know Minho, sometimes, just sometimes you are the douche and not me.”
“I know, I see it now. I haven't considered your side of the things, please accept my apology. That's not me, I'm usually not like that.”
“That is true though and now come on, don't be so damn serious with your apology. It's okay, I'm fine with knowing you see why I did what I did. I didn't mean to harm anyone, that's just all. Stop making that face.”
“I can't, I feel bad and guilty.”
“And why is that?”
“Because I've let my temper rather than my brains lead my acting.”
“As if that was something to feel guilty about. I told you, it's not only raptors having a bad day.”
Loudly a car passed them by and Minho could feel that Jonghyun was rather content and feeling better somehow.
“So, you read Chocolate Worries a lot?” he changed the subject, not knowing what to say about the other issue anymore.
“Yeah, I drop by occasionally, those people are pretty awesome for doing that service. Sometimes I wish I knew who was part of it and I even imagine how they look like. Baekhee's sometimes a little bitchy, but I read her story about betrayal in a friendship and it really moved me. Everyone seems really nice. I even suspect to know one of the writers.”
Minho mildly panicked, what if Jonghyun really knew something!
“Yes, I think Principessa is Choi Sooyoung from Shidae High. Oh, but I don't plan to ask her about it and please don't tell anyone of my suspect, I don't want her to be forced to leave Chocolate Worries, just because I was bored and guessed something right for once.”
Relieved Minho took a deep breath and smiled at Jonghyun.
“Promised. Got a favorite?”
“Yunmi, obviously. She's really awesome, I can't explain it better. I'm not surprised so many boys write to her, she really knows both genders pretty well.”
Minho almost blushed at the way Jonghyun spoke admiringly about Yunmi. He was receiving compliments which were intended to be received indirectly.
“In her homosexuality essay she offers people to mail her and she sends them to helpful people and places, it's just great. She has a big heart, I really hope people will take her offer.”
They had, quite a few. Minho planned to ask Dana if they could add two new members who took LGBT questions and advised people. He already had someone in store for that.
“Would be great indeed.”
They remained silent for a while, Minho trying to digest that his captain found his Chocolate Worries work awesome and Jonghyun stood there, looking down to his feet in embarrassment.
“You know, I...I sent her something...yesterday, but I don't think she read it yet. I hope she answers soon..”

Dear Yunmi,
I've read your recent opinion corner essay and I love it! It is really brave and right of you to address the issue like that. People must stop being scared and accept homosexuality and other forms of love. I think you're really awesome, keep doing a great job!
Well...I didn't write this because I wanted to praise you, but because I trust you to help me out the best with this problem.

I'm in love with one of my school mates.

To be continued...

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i'm the first reader~~~~ and it's cliffhanger~~~~ T_T it's almost there...almost there~~~ i absolutely loves this piece~~~ hehehehe go JongHo Couple~~~ i wish Jonghyunnie be the man in this relationship~~~~ hehehehe

A well planned cliffhanger for all of you to love-hate me a little xD

Oh, I wouldn't say homosexual couples have a "manly" and "feminine" part in general. From my experienced with quite a lot couples I can tell it's like going to an Asian restaurant and asking which of the chopsticks is the fork and which the knife. Each human has characteristics and antics we label "feminine" and "masculine", but they don't necessarily show which dominate in a relationship. Many "dominating" man like to have the woman do the leading work in their love life. TVXQ's Yunho would be an example.

In case you wish for a relationship dominating Jonghyun, you'll get that. I like Jonghyun being the active part.

Thanks for being the first to read and for commenting. And sorry for my longer rant up there ;)

When I finished this story I was like AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the end wut jjong said I'm in love with one of my school mates I was's so adoable ^____^ jongho <3 ^__^ the begining it inspired me like jjong:) homosexuality to me is normal I have a friend who's like dat n have of us r okay with it :)...ONKEY is so cute ^___^ I luv them...can't wait for more update soon n can I have a spot plz...

Homosexuality is ~normal~ to me as well seeing as my mother has a couple of gay and lesbian friends with whiches kids I grew up together and am still friends with. Aside from that I have a couple of gay/lesbian friends as well.

OnKey is very cute, I love writing them adorable.

I'll see what I can do about that spot.

Oh my god *___*

It's been a while since I have not read SHINee's fanfiction. Especially minbling (it's my OTP >w<) and I starting with your fanfic.
And I have to admit, I love it !

Really, Minho is so nice! As Jinki, Kibum and Jonghyun. x)
I love everything !

Can't wait for the next chapter ! ^^

MinBling ftw *-*
I'm glad you love it so much.
Maybe my characters are too nice? xD We'll see. They are not perfect.

Your Woohyun/Hoya icon is cute, they're my favs in Infinite though I'm a horribly inactive Inspirit these days.

Yes they're so cute together! ^-^
It's okay I can't imagine SHINee members with a bad personality >w<

Thank you! Wooya is my OTP =D (they're my bias with Dongwoo too ^^)
I'm a horribly inactive Shawol if that can reassure you. ^^

(Deleted comment)
Working on it ^-^
Thanks for the comment bb.

Oh lord Jonghyun you cute little thing (i'm sorry, i just find his bits of shyness adorable)

really enjoyed this piece! i'm glad minho/yunmi dared to venture into grounds which many would think of as taboo. =) please continue!

His shyness is adorable. He's a great person for being able to overcome it.

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. I think homosexuality is an important issue for teenagers, young adults and adults to adress and talk about it. Minho/Yunmi is a very thoughtful and cool person. I totally love him being her xD

Will properly comment in a few...

Yay... Update.. This is awesome.. What Jonghyun knows Key and that him and Onew are dating.. Awwwww Jonghyn's in love with Minho.... Waiting patiently for your next update

As Key's childhood friend Jonghyun obviously knows such stuff.

I think it's by now more than obvious that Jonghyun is madly crushing on Minho, ha ha.

Ahhh!! Omg this was sooo cute!! Jonghyun is jut too adorable!
I LOVE the plot of this story! It's very interesting please continue!

Jongpuppy is always adorable.
I'm glad I could make you interested with that plot.
Thanks for commenting.

omo need to read the next chapter...

You'll have to wait a little more time sweetie... ♥


I apologize and will give you a spot again next time ♥

This update is seriously awesome! Minho's article was more than just fanfiction. It is inspiring, and I give you kudos for writing it. You seem to have a good grasp of the issues that come along with homosexuality, the discrimination they face. I love it being included in fanfiction, because it's realistic, especially in a place like South Korea.

Jonghyun is so adorable! I am loving him so much in this fic. And Onkey! Aww, so sweet! I can't wait to see what happens after this letter! ;D

Your icon xD

Here in Germany there is a somewhat comparable tolerance for homosexuality, I was raised by a mother with the value that homosexuality does not define a person's character. Growing up with friends of homosexual parents I've always been concerned about discrimination, it's also quite known that in e.g. American prisons there are people, homo or hetero doesn't matter, ending as maytag for other prisoners. It's horrible and indeed goes both genders.
South Korea is still very much behind with so many issues in their society. Homosexuality is just one of those things, but it's important to be adressed imo. Writing that article for this story really was something I ~enjoyed~ because I feel at times fanfiction writers ignore that it's not rainbows and sunshine for homosexuals in SK.

Jonghyun is indeed adorable. Forever puppyJong to me. The letter as you see it is only the "introduction" of the whole thing, you'll read the whole thing in the next chapter. Look forward to Minho's reaction ;)

Oh my! There it is! The update! *___*

This chapter is awesome but sadly also very short. Nevertheless, i suppose you wrote down your own opinion about homosexualoty, hm? ;) i like the way minho thinks about others first and tries to help them out as much as possible.

I kinda knew jjong was homosexual too haha i just could feel it ;)
Let me guess once more~ that classmate he likes is....MINHO! :P right?
Hahaha! Can't wait for the next chapter and the development of the story. :)

Yes, there it is xD

I had my reasons for making this short. I cut right after the beginning of the letter, because otherwise this chapter would have been a little too long and I prefer the context and reading flow to be in place.

I basically did that, yes. Minus that my parents (and grandparents) are not homophobic, on the contrary. Though I'm writing from my own experiences as much as I could, there are also influences from heterosexual and homosexual friends. I have a gay vietnamese friend who when he told his younger brother was accepted immediately and they do their best to keep it from the parents. Other friends have always been tolerant despite having parents that are so homophobic I can't stay around them (the parents) for long.

I think Minho as person is a lot misunderstood. Hyungwhore, competitive idiot, lacking in emotions, etc. If you ever bothered to read carefully some of his interview answers, how he values his family and friends, it all makes sense. He is very caring, a great observer and puts others first. Except for when it comes to sports, because that is the one thing where he ever managed to get deserved attention and praise.
The Minho you can see if you take a closer look is the Minho that I love so much and it motivated me to write that often disregarded side of him into this story.
/bias rant

I love how you're the only one noticing that he basically outed himself there when he told that Key and him had their first kiss together.
The school mate he's crushing on is pretty obvious. Please look forward to the whole letter and how Minho figures to react to it.

It's okay that the chapters are short ^^ I just wanted to make it clear that I just love the story and your writing so that I can't get enough of it :)

Oh, I know a similar story. One of my best friends is gay and his parents weren't okay with it at first. Especially his brother had been mean to him >_< but they got used to it by now and everything's okay. I always feel so sorry for Homosexuals because they get treated horribly :( I have seen videos of how they're being tortured... I wish I could forget them. I wonder what gives human the right to harm others just because they think it's not 'normal' what they do, when, in fact, they're not hurting anyone with it. Homosexuals never force others to become Homosexual as well. They don't particularly kill someone, rape someone. Not less than Heterosexuals. >_<

Oh I totally know what kind of Minho you're talking about. I've noticed this, too, and I've been asking myself if there's ever gonna be someone who will write Minho being loving and caring but also contented and maybe even a little unhappy because he feels he's lacking at so many things. Like, even though he's good at sports, I still can see his father being more proud of his brother than Minho but Minho doesn't hate them, he's just sad that he can't be more perfect. ;_; Ah. I love Minho bb.
I love all 5 of Shinee hahaha

No one noticed that yet? xD
How's that possible? I think it's pretty clear. But I think from that exaggerate behaviour in the previous chapter it had already been clear. To me, at least. Maybe it's just because this is a fan fiction and they're 90% about Homosexuals so it was predictable xD but ... still ...

Anyways, I'm so looking forward to the next chapter. ^^
I will try to be a loyal fan and comment on every chapter :)

I wasn't feeling attacked, sorry if sounded like it. I just have a huge urge to explain myself xDD

Minho has this urge to prove himself and I really wish he'd get some recognition from his father. I understand that he adores his brother despite having to take a step behind for him a lot times.

No one voiced it so far. They might have noticed. I mean, in the end we know that outcome, this is a JongHo fanfic.

D'aw~ that would be very sweet of you. I can't promise though that I'll post the 3rd chapter before Christmas.

Ohoho. I just started to read this, and it's really interesting. I'm a big fan of onkey, and they're really cute in here. I can't to know how jonghyun and minho's relationship would turn out. i hope it would be as sweet. I'll be waiting for the next update!

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.
OnKey are together with JongHo the pairings I ship the most in SHInee ^^

Be excited for how it goes on...

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