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Childish - Liyin/Chen
Zhang Li Yin
Title: Childish
Author: xkeirafanx
Pairing: Liyin/Chen
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance
Disclaimer: I claim no rights other than on this story
Summary: When it comes to the one he loves Kim Jongdae can become quite irrational.
A/N: Unbetaed. 857 words


"Kim Jongdae!"

Said person stops dead in his tracks and turns around, the attempt to look guilty barely concealed by the mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Yes?" Jongdae asks carefully, calculating if he can still worm his way out of the situation by pretending to be naive.

"What do you think you are doing?"

"Nothing, Zhang?"

"You can hardly expect me to believe that." Zhang Liyin scoffs at him and crosses her arms, weight on her right foot while she gives him a stare that rays him down to the flesh on his bones.

"Look, I am just trying to have fun." Jongdae tries to defend himself, feigning composure when in reality the weight of her eyes on him wants to make him slouch. Her eyes soften just a little bit, but the disapproval remains firmly in her gaze.

"There are days I really wonder if you are not one of the people you are teaching."

"You can't argue that to be one of the reasons why I get along with them so well." Jongdae defends himself while pushing his glasses further up his nose with a broad grin.

"No one questions your abilities to make the students listen to you. I mainly wanted to point that a certain behavior is expected of teachers and you don't even seem to bother with it." Liyin replies sighing and drops down at a table in the teacher's room. Jongdae spots a test on music theory she spent the last Friday afternoon to draft, now filled with scribbles of her students.

"Fulfilling expectations is boring and I did not become teacher to bore students. Some of those kids really are passionate about music and need guidance. I can give them a structure, but they won't accept it if I am teaching by book all the time."

"I do not see how that is relevant or corresponding to the fact that you just messed up all of Vice-Principal Kim's paperwork. He was groaning over those 10th grade exams on quadratic functions most of yesterday evening and when he discovers what you've done he is in for another late stay."

"Serves him right, what is he hitting on you when he has exams to grade?" Jongdae complains sharply, uncaring of his blatant jealousy. He sits down next to her, throwing his bag onto the table.

"Junmyeon was merely seeking my advice on how to handle a student." Liyin points out with raised eyebrows. "I don't understand what you are so jealous about."

"You are going to be my wife, he should just back off, even if he exactly aligns to the model type of teacher that you like so much."

Sighing deeply Liyin leans over and cradles his head in her hands, one thumb sweeping over his jaw.
"I don't want a 101 text book teacher. I want you, the wild, passionate and caring teacher who grades his students by their efforts and not by their results. Yes, you can be childish and I complain, but don't think I don't love this part of you too. Because I do."

Jongdae feels her smiling against his lips when she kisses him softly and he kisses back gleeful. That is his woman, always knowing what to say to soothe him.

"Still, don't do this to him again, after all he was so nice to let it go that time he caught us halfway on the piano stool instead of preparing for the school concert." Liyin insists gently and Jongdae shrugs to get around an answer. She does not press it and grabs the test to start correction.

Jongdae pulls his project preparations for the collaboration of school band and school theater out of his tattered bag. Do Kyungsoo had come to him with the idea to do a small scale Rock of Ages musical and they are still throwing ideas around, but of course as former rock band lead singer an awful lot of trust is placed on Jongdae's judgement by the fellow teacher. When it comes to rock music Kim Jongdae definitely will never disappoint anyone.

"No." Junmyeon groans later when he goes through the piles of papers in his box, tiredly combing through his hair at the mess. "I'm going to have to work overtime again. They were ready for final grading."

"Man that sucks." Jongdae says lightly, not even looking up from his project plan while Liyin struggles to suppress a snort.

"It does. I promised my girlfriend to take her out today, but looking at this I can cancel it again. She will be so mad."

"Want some help?" Jongdae offers, maybe but only maybe feeling a little bit sorry for causing Junmyeon's problem.

"You would?" Junmyeon asks hopeful and Jongdae nods before pushing his own work away to walk over. Liyin gives him a stare that indicates her hope he learned not to be unreasonably childish like that again. He returns it with a blank smile.

After all Zhang Liyin really does not have to know that he let the air out of all basketballs, handballs and footballs because Coach Park had smiled at her a little too sweetly.

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Jongdae, you cute, jealous child ♥

Isn't he? Such a possessive man.
I absolutely need to write a bigger AU around this ugh.

hahahahaha jealous!jongdae and stern(-ish)!liyin )-)-O bye

Aren't they simply the cutest? ♥

If God gives me time I will write a bigger AU out of this, I'm so into the two here.
(I'm always into those two, but anyway)

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